the new place.


we are mostly settled in DC now. trust me, i have the bruises to prove it. why do i get all these mystery bruises whenever i do something laborious like moving? i've counted 11. and the bruises are inevitably on my thighs and lower legs, making for the most white trash semblance ever. i just hope they are gone by next weekend*.

where was i? oh yes, we are moved in. the bedroom is still a little lacking and i have some things that have not yet made it on the walls, but i'm feeling better about it every day. i love this apartment. the picture below of our view of the capitol building is skewed by my wide angle lens . . we are much closer than that. it's neat!

i thought that downsizing from 1410 square feet to 726 would actually be more dramatic. granted, we made at least 4 separate trips to donate stuff at Goodwill (and still 1 to go), but i'm amazed that the rest of our stuff did actually fit in here. our building is really nice and has an amazing rooftop. it has a pool and 2 big propane grills. separate bathrooms up there as well as nice furniture to sit and hang out. and we are very close to the National's stadium, and all week there have been night games and the noise of the crowd is somehow comforting.

i'm still tired and spent all of yesterday indoors (after the gym in the morning, of course) watching a few episodes of season 1 of
Six Feet Under (amazing! how did i never watch it before?!). but today i shall venture out on the $1 circulator bus to Georgetown in search of "the necessaries" from Lush. and maybe some indulgent shopping at Anthropologie. i don't particularly like the Georgetown area, as it's full of J. Crew soccer moms giving me the stink eye, but it has the stores i want to go to. maybe it won't be so bad during the day on a friday?

ok then . . without further ado, here's the apartment so far. yay. click for bigger.

we're on the 7th floor. it has concrete floors and some carpet (boo) in the bedroom and the "den". we have a den! how fancy. and yes, those ARE fresh flowers on the dining table. sometimes jesse comes through.

ok, gym time!



Johanna said...

your new place looks swell. happy home coming!

raena said...

thanks, nan! i'm very excited. i hated to leave there on sunday :)