project: superhero cape for the nephew


for my nephew Dune's 3rd birthday at the end of April i decided i wanted to make him something really special and personal. what could be more fun than a costume of some sort? so i busted out the sewing machine that jesse bought me for my last birthday FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I GOT IT and made him a superhero cape, personalized t-shirt, a mask, and glove/cuff thingies!

i found the cape pattern here at - a wonderful sewing site/blog with great instructions on this easy cape. there's even a downloadable pdf!

my fabric cutting and sewing skills aren't that great (yet), so there were some flaws in the final product, but i was pretty proud of what i created. the mask and gloves were total guesswork, but they actually ended up fitting perfectly! i also always try to incorporate Dune's name or his initials somehow. i think it's because growing up, nothing EVER had my name on it. you know those cute bicycle license plates all the kids had with their names on them? yeah, they never make stuff like that for us RAENAs. so i am bound and determined to bestow personalized gifts on my amazing nephew.

i didn't get any of my own photos of him wearing it, but my brother finally got this one on his computer!! it totally made my day yesterday. (those of you who are more observant will notice that the cape is reversible too. fun!)

you can see he opted for some more hardcore wrist-wear, but that's just how he do. total badass already.

i am heading down to FL this weekend for my big 30th birthday party and little Duney will be there, along with bunches of other people that i love. i can't wait! what could be better than that? oh yeah, there is going to be a piƱata - THAT is better. you are jealous. i forgive you.


Johanna said...

Oh wow, that is awesome! What a great idea.

raena said...

thanks, johanna! i was really happy with how it came out. i hope he loves it.

erin said...

wow! awesome job!