accomplishment: i sewed in my first zipper.


this is huge, people.

well, for me it's huge. it might not shatter anyone else's earth.

i know my mom understands. she called me saturday evening and in my post-accomplishment glow, i gushed over my crafty nature and can-do attitude. she then told me the tale of HER zipper experience in her home economics class in 7th grade. it took her all 9 weeks to get the zipper in.

mom: "i said to my teacher, 'mrs. so-and-so, will you
please just put it in for me?', and she said, 'diane, i just don't think you're ever gonna get this.'"

conclusions: 1) mom is still the cutest ever. 2) mom is proud.

nobody even showed me how! i read about it in a couple of sewing books that i have and looked up videos on youtube. it didn't really make sense though. like most everything else i've learned, i had to deconstruct something that already exists. so i grabbed one of my favorite skirts and just studied it. and it made sense. and i sewed it up.

in order to aid my sewing efforts, i recently bought myself a PGMPro dress form. the same kind they use on project runway! well, except mine doesn't have that little extra bottom cagey looking piece. but who needs it? this is my new friend.

she even has some junk in the trunk (not as much as i do, but i won't split hairs). i've named her Billie, after my Grandma Billie. she was undoubtedly my biggest and earliest influence when it came to anything creative, artistic, and crafty. i loved going into the second bedroom in her house and rummaging through the
dresser drawers . . there was construction paper, tracing paper, crayons, markers, chalk, thread, fabric, netting (she used to make fish nets for catching tropical fish at the beach), glitter, buttons, tons of wrapping paper she carefully salvaged from gifts she received . . everything great. even the smell of those drawers was wonderful. one day i'll share her sketch book with you. it's pretty amazing.
grandma + me

mmm. i miss her.

so . . i invoked Grandma's spirt, busted out the dress form, and sewed up a skirt (with a side zipper, in case you forgot) and it turned out kind of cute and i'm looking forward to wearing it. my only regret is that i didn't spring for the "invisible" zipper. but i bought this one kind of for practice. i'll know better next time. and i still need one of those little hook thingies for the top of the waistband. details.

i may or may not have continued some other sewing projects as well. but they shall remain nameless for now . . at least until after christmas. wee!


Johanna said...

That is awesome! Good job. :) Cute skirt too.

raena said...

thanks, girlie! i can't wait to wear it somewhere. i hope someone tells me they like it so i can be all, "oh yeah?? I MADE IT." :)