bring on the merriment.


i always look forward to the holidays, but this year, i'm super-cited. my family is abandoning the never-before-broken tradition of a south FL christmas at my parents' house and we're movin' on up to have a north central florida christmas. we've procured a townhouse for the week in gainesville so we can be close to my brother and my nephew for a whole (dang diddly) week. woo!!

this is muy bueno. traditions are great and all, but sometimes you need to grab the tree by the trunk and shake out the dead leaves. or something. forgive, i'm terrible with metaphors.

in great anticipation of the holidays, i've got some very important plans over the next several days. here's a list:

1. get hair did.
2. pick up camera (all shiny and pretty from a thorough cleaning).
3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - viewing on the big screen at the AFI!!!
4. maybe hanging out with ketan who will be in town for some friendly lawyerly gathering?
5. SNOW. apparently it's a historical storm . .

6. get on the road for this drive:

7. do lots of silly stuff with duney. like this:

happy holidays!


Ashley said...

I appreciate your subtle 30 Rock reference in this one.