new internet blog crush


do you ever read about someone on the internet and just feel like you should know them and be friends with them and bask in their presence and feed off of their genius?

that's how i'm feeling about
Chase Jarvis, photographer extraordinaire. i really love it when fabulously popular/maybe-even-famous individuals take time to write a blog, share their knowledge, and let people in on their art. it's so humbling and personal.

plus he's so damn talented:

he even has an iPhone photo gallery!


the washington monument


is way more fun at night.



losing the battle against DNA


the older i get, the less inclined i am to contribute to the gene pool.

i say to myself, "but raena, you are kind of a neat gal. what about passing on your good looks, sense of humor and intellect?"

and then i say "whoooaaa there, self! there is a whole laundry list of things i would NOT want to pass on to my offspring. don't you get me started." but i am already "started", and now i endeavor to document said list on the internet so that the rest of humanity who question my biological decisions now have a static reference. ahem.
  • bunions. though not life-threatening, or even that bothersome or painful, they aren't pretty in flip-flops.
  • astigmatism. by reason of annoyance.
  • cellulite. though i share this trait with 98% of all women, so it's not quite unique to my genes.
  • long division. ok, that doesn't have anything to do with genetics, but i remember having to do manual long division in 2nd grade and cursing my parents for my existence. i'd hate for my kid to have to go through that.
  • fevers. whenever exciting things were happening, i'd come down with a 24hr fever. and have to miss the exciting things. (i.e., field day at school, christmas party, talent show, etc.)
  • low tolerance for annoying people, places, things, and situations. don't know if this is nature or nurture, but i definitely get this from my dad.
  • deviated septum. NOT a fun surgery.
ok, it's not an exhaustive list, but i am now exhausted so i'm throwing in the towel. and if i WERE to have a boobie snatcher, i'd want it to be either a) an asian baby or b) a ginger baby. seeing how i'm not attracted to asian or red-headed men, that might be a problem.


these be my reasons. i now hold your oaths fulfilled. this is where your . . like . . soul can be at peace.


post, the first


because . . why not?