hot graves.


i do not pretend to be a band photographer, or any other type of "photographer", really. i am just someone who is interested in photography. anyway, being that my brother mykel is a musician and has been involved in some type of band since he was in 7th grade, i am eager to lend my humble services when i can.

by a happy coincidence, last weekend his rocky metal band, Hot Graves, alighted upon Richmond, VA for the Heart of Winter Fest. i fought through a nasty cold to head out to take some pictures of them friday night. i tend to look at band pictures and think they all look the same, so i don't think these are anything super special. but i hope mykel likes them and it's always good to step out of one's comfort zone to try something a bit more challenging.

first up, mykel and tim (el bass player) helped me get my flash settings in order.

then i took a couple of group shots and it was time for them to get up on stage. here's some of what happened:

*click for bigger*

they were definitely the most entertaining band i saw that evening and have a way with the crowd. all in all, big win for the Hot Graves crew. if you have the chance to go see them, you TOTALLY should.


*edit: re-reading this it seems so lackluster . . sorry guys, i'm still feeling like death. what i really mean by this post is HOT GRAVES EFF YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!