city of magic.


you may not know this about me, but i get passionate about stuff. my love is bigger than your love, etc. now that you know me a little better, it will come as no surprise that a best-ever feeling creeped up on me last weekend when i discovered that i was living in a city of magic - oh em gee!

the city of DC is host to many really great events throughout the year, but never did i (ever) think there would be a time where i would stand in the middle of the National Mall, slack-jawed in admiration and wonder, gazing at the sites before me.

[enter the Kite Festival] upon ascending the ridiculously and overwhelmingly crowded metro station, i saw that the sky was just full of kites flying everywhere. hundreds and hundreds of them. the sky looked like the sea during some crazy jellyfish migration.

and you couldn't really ask for a more picturesque setting.

i tried to look cool. but it's really just a great big facade.

because, really, there was just so much Beautiful everywhere.

and THEN, on top of all that magic, add a nice, big slice of Stardust Fantasy . .
because it's CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME!!

are you kidding me with this?

juuuuuust checking.

i'm not even sure how to behave.

the absolute best part? it's not even over. that wasn't even "the peak". i can't wait for this weekend: Cherry Blossom Festival - Part Deux. it's something i've wanted to witness my whole life and it delivered in metric tons. if you ever have the chance, please come see. you won't be disappointed. i promise.


Johanna said...

Wowwww! I wish I lived in DC right now. This all sounds so amazing!

raena said...

you would've LOVED it, i'm sure of it. you've got to come see it sometime!