i heart my brother.


And Now The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Brother:

10. when i was born, he would lead people into my room by the hand and introduce me to them, all proud as he could be, saying "this is my sister, raena lynn".

9. a short time after #10, he thought he would "help" my mom out while she was busy or on the phone by changing my diaper and
flushing it down the toilet.

8. he gave me a haircut when i was about 2 years old as we were waiting for my mom to be done at the "beauty parlor". he just wanted to make me pretty.

7. when i was about 4 and my brother was around 6, we took a family excursion to some florida amusement park, and my parents rewarded (or placated?) us both with ice cream cones. i took one lick and the whole of my ice cream toppled to the ground. i sat there staring at it, feeling the tears well up in my eyes. mykel just handed me
his ice cream cone. and kept walking. (begin hero-worship now)

6. he tried to teach me how to play every instrument he ever mastered, up to and including a private, albeit short, lesson on the vibes in the community college music room. i never really progressed beyond the smoke on the water/sunshine of your love/black cat (really?? yes, janet jackson) stage on guitar, or the bass-snare-bass-snaresnare [tik tik tik tik (cymbal)] stage on drums, but we did once have a spirited session of The Pixies' "I Bleed" when i was learning how to play the bass. oh and in high school we had a ska band called The Halfsteppers for about 5 seconds (in which i sang).

5. we got through this together:

4. he can be the funniest, most charming, charismatic person you've ever met in your whole life.

3. he is a great dad. and he always has safety first and foremost on his mind:

2. sometimes he gets all swoll'-up-big-brother-over-protective on me. my favorite instance: in high school, i went with him and his punk/ska band, Gov't Cheese, to Tampa for some big ska fest. after they played a show in Ybor City, we went in search of sustenance and landed at the only natural place for cheap food at 2 am in a strange city - Waffle House. we walked in, went to sit down, and we walked right out because apparently the big redneck dudes were checking out my skinny, lanky, boring, yet still female 15 year old body in a way that made him entirely uncomfortable. yeah. take THAT, you Waffle House Hoes.

1½. speaking of
Waffle House Hoes . .

1. i need him. and he needs me. because he's my effing brother. dammit.


Lady Byrd said...

:D SUCH a sister hes has....you're amazing raena

raena said...

why thank you. i'm just callin 'em as i see 'em :)

Allan said...

Nuttin' like a big brudder!!!

raena said...

you know that's right, diddy!