the mercury program.


DATELINE: THE MERCURY PROGRAM IS STILL AWESOME. story at 11. or, rather, in the next couple of paragraphs.

i don't know what's going on here lately, but all of a sudden there has been an upwelling of musical interest and activity in my life. i like it . . it's just sort of unexpected. one of those "just when you've given up all hope in the music scene you've always identified yourself with - BLAMMO! in your face! you still like it and it still likes you!" things.

that brings me to the mercury program. i grew up with these dudes and i can't help but swell with pride to see that these guys are a) still together; b) still making great music; and c) still awesome people. oh and d) pretty soon they will be coming to a town near you.

they were on a short little jaunt of a tour that ended in richmond, va, a place where i just happened to be spending the weekend. whaaaaat??? i KNOW. it's been literal years since i've seen all these guys in one place together, let alone heard them play. 'twas a treat.

and yes, i brought my camera. clickies for bigger.

and because i can't help myself, this:

in other news, i, like most other humans in the northern hemisphere, am enjoying the advent of spring with a newly defined sense of freedom that involves skin-exposing garments and open-toed shoes - in the out-of-doors. whaaaaat??? i KNOW.

raena colby, nightly news.


DJ Dune's Dad said...

fuck yes. i am a heartbroken downtrodden fool having missed my opportunities to see these lads. my humblest apologies to myself, and to the distinguished gentlemen ov MERK DAWG PRO GRIZZLE.

raena said...

that is a worthy apology, brudder. you missed a great show, but hopefully you'll be able to see these masters next time around.

<3 <3 <3