favorite instant message conversation of the week.


i swear we are not 12 years old. but sometimes kristin and i DO talk about horses. and how much we love them.


raena: i want to plan a western trip
that involves lots of horseback riding

Kristin: i like it
horses are so pretty
and awesome

raena: yeah i love them

Kristin: i don't get scared of them at all, i know some people do

raena: yeah they are big animals and freak people out

Kristin: do you get scared of them ever?
i just want to hug them 4-eva

raena: no i don't really get scared, unless they are ornery
i just want to pet their soft soft noses and ears and hug their big strong necks!

Kristin: yes the best is when you're sitting on one and you can hug its neck
i love the sound they make when they breathe

raena: yeaaaaah
this is my favorite conversation we've ever had

Kristin: all these great ideas i'm having today!
road trip
nail polish
i mean everything important is covered

raena: what else IS there?!


SmallButMighty said...

LOVE IT. I ice cream cone you girls

DJ Dune's Dad said...

y'all neglected to mention shopping for jelly shoes.

raena said...

ha! jelly shoes!! oh man. kristin also says "or slap bracelets". touché.

DJ Dune's Dad said...

we sell slap bracelets in the shop out back where i work.. :P

Kristin Keith said...

love you raena flav!!! and horses of course. duh.