now touring the eastern seaboard.


the last 6 weeks or so have looked like this:

richmond > DC > NYC > DC > richmond > DC > richmond > west palm beach > richmond > philly

now appearing in philadelphia, pa! through july, anyhow. so that means that i'm still working on my whole capital cities science project. i mean, it's a bit of a stretch, but philly was the capital of the US from 1790 to 1800. chew on that.

first impressions:
  • the city seems ok. i'm not blown away/impressed yet.
  • got some awesome falafel and sweet potato fries (two days in a row mmmm).
  • had a sub-par fro-yo experience (what's with the self-serve fro-yo? i went to a place in richmond like this too. no es bueno. i want an Expert to fro my yo)
  • feeling generally displaced/uncomfortable and trying to be ok with not having my sewing machine or kitchenaid mixer for the next two months.
  • train system is weak.
  • i've realized that nobody can stack up to my Standards of Cleanliness.

it's nice out, hot but with a breeze. if you'd like to see, here's a peek down the street. taken only moments ago!

now if only my powers of adaptation would kick in . .


yoshi said...

"an expert to fro my yo". you are fricken hilarious

raena said...

obsessed is more like it. but thanks :)