guest blogger: the jesse edition.


after many photographic and editorial appearances on this blog, jesse now makes a juicy contribution.  i have promised not to edit it at all, so here you go, straight from jesse. whom i appreciate very much for loving me and thinking i'm cute.

I’m sure we’ve all witnessed our special someone do something that is quite simply, adorable. Believe it or not, Raena too has her moments. But Raena’s cuteness has slowly become my downfall. On more than one occasion, Raena has caught me staring at her in a daze to which she remarks in the most snarky voice ever, “What, am I doing something cute?” Raena has become annoyed by how often I end up staring at her with a big fat smile across my face. But in my defense, she just doesn’t see what I do. I try to explain what I had seen or heard but anything else than the real thing will ultimately pale in comparison. Being the innovative law student that I am, I decided to create some evidence.

Attached is a video of Raena at her best. I hate to brag, but I am a video ninja. This video was taken with Raena being none the wiser. I began filming underneath the dinner table and did not place the camera on the tabletop until Raena was significantly distracted. It could be the effect of the homemade key lime pie, the almond flavored whipped cream, or the freshly made mojito, but regardless, Raena’s cuteness is out of control. I particularly enjoy the “boink”, the girlish noises syncing with her shoulder dance, and the hardy laugh from nowhere.

Maybe with the surfacing of this video Raena will cut me some slack. One can only hope.


sourgrapes13 said...

Awe, GIRL! That makes me miss you even more. You are too cute for words. Thanks Jesse!