my first video.


that's right.  i'm delving head-first into the realm of video!  with much trepidation!  yes!  

with anxiety in check, i'm forging ahead.  one of the reasons i wanted to upgrade my camera in the first place was so that i could embark upon some video projects and i figured that jesse's family reunion would be a decent place to start.  so i did and then i compiled it and put some music behind it and edited it and this is my first time so please go easy on me.

as mentioned, this was shot at jesse's 2nd annual family reunion, Nelman Fest 2010. i used a combination of lenses, but loved the look of my fixed 50mm best (even though it's hard to change focus at a low f-stop).  the 18-55mm looked really grainy in the outdoors setting for some reason.  and actually, the clip of the kids being spun around is from my iPhone. mixed media! the music is "The Church of Cause and Effect" from The Mercury Program's Chez Viking album, and it is lovely. i hope you like it.

once i started editing the video, i LOVED doing it. i could sit there for hours and hours honing and getting it just right. so i will definitely be doing more of this, and hopefully getting much better at it.


sourgrapes13 said...

Awesome! You have inspired me to tackle our video from Japan!

raena said...

aww thanks girl!! i'd love to see your japan video develop, mmm yes <3