one last look.


there are no words for how much i love fall.  yes, yes, everyone says it.  but i'm just SURE that i FEEL it on a much deeper level than anyone else.  after all, it's my world.  you're just living in it.

the onset of fall.  that slightly skewed angle of the sun, making everything look just a teeny tiny bit surreal.  the slightly yellow-tinged light filtering through the trees on the side of the highway.  the slightly drier air floating on the breeze.  it's amaaaazzzziiiinnnngg!!!

BUT . . i'm not quite ready to let the summer go.

because i really enjoyed digging my toes into soft, northerly grasses.

and the creepy deserted-summer-camp-horror-movie atmosphere at this lake.

and this view.

and lazy fans lifting the curtains with their breeze.

sssiiigh. ok, i think now i'm ready. i feel that change is a'comin'.


Iris said...

I really like this photo.