hot graves.


i do not pretend to be a band photographer, or any other type of "photographer", really. i am just someone who is interested in photography. anyway, being that my brother mykel is a musician and has been involved in some type of band since he was in 7th grade, i am eager to lend my humble services when i can.

by a happy coincidence, last weekend his rocky metal band, Hot Graves, alighted upon Richmond, VA for the Heart of Winter Fest. i fought through a nasty cold to head out to take some pictures of them friday night. i tend to look at band pictures and think they all look the same, so i don't think these are anything super special. but i hope mykel likes them and it's always good to step out of one's comfort zone to try something a bit more challenging.

first up, mykel and tim (el bass player) helped me get my flash settings in order.

then i took a couple of group shots and it was time for them to get up on stage. here's some of what happened:

*click for bigger*

they were definitely the most entertaining band i saw that evening and have a way with the crowd. all in all, big win for the Hot Graves crew. if you have the chance to go see them, you TOTALLY should.


*edit: re-reading this it seems so lackluster . . sorry guys, i'm still feeling like death. what i really mean by this post is HOT GRAVES EFF YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


one good bird.


dear birdie-whose-wing-i-accidentally-broke-off-by-being-careless-whilst-taking-down-some-twinkle-lights-behind-the-bookshelf-where-you-so-handsomely-reside,

mon oiseau

sometimes . . i know just how you feel.




"considerable cloudiness".


ahhhh music to my . . eyes?

every morning as i'm getting ready for work, i dutifully check the magic iPhone for the weather report. this must be some hold-over from my childhood. my mom has always been very interested in the weather and even today the weather channel is the default station on the tv in the "florida room".

even though i will spend approximately 4 minutes outside in said weather on a typical work day (walking to car, getting out of car and walking into office, walking to car to go get lunch, etc.), this information is vital to my morning routine.

HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE. that is pretty sad.

moving on.

this morning as i was brushing my teeth and thinking "should i wear my black patent kitten heels or my black patent boots? the weather will help me decide!", i looked at the weather and saw two words i had never seen on the magic iPhone before:

"considerable cloudiness." i like it. even though i know i will spend most of the day locked in a dungeon window-less room (ugh), i will enjoy that
considerable cloudiness all i can on the drive to work, the drive to lunch, and the ride home to DC tonight.

that is all.


i've always wanted to wear red lipstick.


fear and compromise have always gotten the best of me when it comes to wearing red lipstick.

"it's too garrish."

"it's too bold."

"it's too RAAAAAWR!"

"it's too . . red."

but friends, the season of change is upon me. on friday, i marched myself right into Sephora and boldly declared, "hey ladies, i want to wear red lipstick, but don't think i can." the pretty ladies in black furrowed their brows at me, wagged their fingers, and collectively testified, "UH-UH! YES YOU CAN!"

they corralled me over to the heretofore avoided lipstick selection (as i am *ahem* was strictly a gloss type of girl) and handed me a glossy red with blue undertones and told me to put it on and try to ignore the customary oh-my-god-get-this-off-me-quick-getitoff!!!! reaction. you know, walk around for a few minutes, glance up every so often at the many strategically placed mirrors around the store.

i left the store, lipstick-in-bag.

i was too much of a coward to show off the new me saturday night when we went out on the town, but i vowed to have a little photoshoot with myself on sunday to usher in this metamorphosis and also to try out my new strobe diffuser box and off-camera flash sync cord in the process. and away we go.

i don't know what's crazier. the fact that i'm actually loving wearing this red lipstick, or the fact that i took these photos in my den using one off-camera strobe and some white posterboard for the backdrop and reflectors and they came out kind of great.

now i just need to make myself leave the house like this. i'm sure after several iterations of "red lips do not make me a hussy red lips do not make me a hussy", i'll find my way.