just a little something.


holy hiatus.

i was correct when i said the upcoming work events would suck all the courtesy and life out of me. i think i'm slowly returning to my former glory, but i'm not as resilient as i once was. after spilling the entirety of my angst, frustration, and general BLAAAGSDJFDKFJDLKSJLFMOTHEREFFER to jesse when i got home friday night, i spent most of saturday in a vegetative and repairative* (*i made that up, humor me) state. i finished some minor sewing projects, neither of which are anything to get excited about, watched the season finalé of project runway (which turned out exactly as i hoped, yesss!), and didn't really do much else. unless you count eating bad falafel for dinner then redeeming it with good fro-yo. that's a little something called breaking even.

sometime early last week i was fading fast and i realized i needed a short-term goal or reward. something to look forward to. therefore, i pulled the trigger on a couple of purchases that i'd been wishy-washily mulling over in my amazon shopping cart for the last few months. one of them was delivered saturday morning, so i busted out of the aforementioned vegetative state for a little trial run. it's just a little something to add to my medium-sized bag of tricks: the Orbis Ring Flash.


and my two most willing guinea pigs, me and jesse:

*click for bigger*

ahhhh that perfectly even light! it's fun. now everybody come over and let me take your peekchure. newer toys to come . .




i'm breaking my own rules right now. well two of them anyway:

1. never post at night.
2. never post on the weekend.

why? i don't know. because no one cares at night or on the weekend. but guess what? i'm at work at 3:something a.m. and there's nothing to really do, but i have to be here and my boss said that i could blog so here i am.

there are a great many things i could probably talk about. stream of consciousness type of stuff. but i'm not sure anybody wants to hear/read it. i will say only that i am obsessing over getting some frozen yogurt lately - so obsessed that i had a dream that i was eating frozen yogurt out of my own skull. but i delved too deep. was too greedy. and i hit brains. BRAAINNZZ. and my eyeballs were spilling out. kind of horrifying, yet my desire for my first taste of post-winter fro-yo continues apace. i'm a complicated person.

what's happening at work right now is what a person in my position strives towards for months and months (sometimes years), so it's kind of a big deal. and the next week of my life will probably suck all of the courtesy and helpfulness right out of me. today was my last day of "freedom" for a little while and i toiled to get my affairs in order. i did laundry and got fresh sheets on the bed. i got insane (i'm on day 14! INSANITY!). not that i need any help with these sweet muscles.

i also got a pedicure, because . . well . . you gotta get it when you can.

then i watched bad tv, ate dinner, and waited for 11 pm to come so i could get ready and go to work.

that looks like it should be my album cover. you know, if i ever have an album.

how am i not tired right now? i don't know, but i think this post is going nowhere so i think that will be all for now.

most awesome saturday night ever,