guest blogger: the jesse edition.


after many photographic and editorial appearances on this blog, jesse now makes a juicy contribution.  i have promised not to edit it at all, so here you go, straight from jesse. whom i appreciate very much for loving me and thinking i'm cute.

I’m sure we’ve all witnessed our special someone do something that is quite simply, adorable. Believe it or not, Raena too has her moments. But Raena’s cuteness has slowly become my downfall. On more than one occasion, Raena has caught me staring at her in a daze to which she remarks in the most snarky voice ever, “What, am I doing something cute?” Raena has become annoyed by how often I end up staring at her with a big fat smile across my face. But in my defense, she just doesn’t see what I do. I try to explain what I had seen or heard but anything else than the real thing will ultimately pale in comparison. Being the innovative law student that I am, I decided to create some evidence.

Attached is a video of Raena at her best. I hate to brag, but I am a video ninja. This video was taken with Raena being none the wiser. I began filming underneath the dinner table and did not place the camera on the tabletop until Raena was significantly distracted. It could be the effect of the homemade key lime pie, the almond flavored whipped cream, or the freshly made mojito, but regardless, Raena’s cuteness is out of control. I particularly enjoy the “boink”, the girlish noises syncing with her shoulder dance, and the hardy laugh from nowhere.

Maybe with the surfacing of this video Raena will cut me some slack. One can only hope.


my first video.


that's right.  i'm delving head-first into the realm of video!  with much trepidation!  yes!  

with anxiety in check, i'm forging ahead.  one of the reasons i wanted to upgrade my camera in the first place was so that i could embark upon some video projects and i figured that jesse's family reunion would be a decent place to start.  so i did and then i compiled it and put some music behind it and edited it and this is my first time so please go easy on me.

as mentioned, this was shot at jesse's 2nd annual family reunion, Nelman Fest 2010. i used a combination of lenses, but loved the look of my fixed 50mm best (even though it's hard to change focus at a low f-stop).  the 18-55mm looked really grainy in the outdoors setting for some reason.  and actually, the clip of the kids being spun around is from my iPhone. mixed media! the music is "The Church of Cause and Effect" from The Mercury Program's Chez Viking album, and it is lovely. i hope you like it.

once i started editing the video, i LOVED doing it. i could sit there for hours and hours honing and getting it just right. so i will definitely be doing more of this, and hopefully getting much better at it.


almost-wordless-wednesday: paper umbrella edition.


ain't no party like a miniature-paper-umbrella party.

*the "it's raining on me let me protect myself" photo was clicked by jesse.


it's my birthday and i'll blog if i want to.


it's long and has lots of pictures because that's how i like it!

i see my birthdate all the time, everywhere.  i look at the clock and it's exactly 8:16.  i buy something and it costs $8.16.  it's the day of High Voltage (according to the Astrological Book of Birthdays), also madonna's and charles bukowski's birthdays. and the day that elvis died.

growing up, we celebrated birthday weeks, which spoiled me for all time, obviously. now i settle for birthday weekends, because who has a whole week anymore?! so once a year, i take license to make founded demands ("can you get me some orange juice? it's my birthday!", "you have to take out the garbage - it's my birthday!", "hang this map on the wall - it's my birthday!*", etc.) and expect special treatment.

this year's celebration started off last thursday night (an extra night!) with my favorite goat cheese and basil and butternut squash ravioli from eastern market and a delivery tin of gourmet chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, courtesy of my pal justin. friday consisted of some errands and then having meredith over for taco night! we had veggie tacos, mojitos and homemade key lime pie. mmmmm.

saturday i indulged in a monster workout, and it's a good thing i did because upon exiting the shower, my voicemail informed me that i had a delivery from Georgetown Cupcake waiting for me downstairs. courtesy of my momma.

by jesse.

i then did a little shopping and hit the town for dinner, fro-yo, then meet-ups with friends at Churchkey, a spot that had nice ambiance, decor, and good music, but was very crowded in a way that made me a little antsy.

sunday morning, jesse tempted me with blueberry pancakes. i said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and then caved for a solo heart-shaped pancake. because, really, what kind of heathen would say no?

[gone in 60 seconds (or less!)]

then jesse surprised me throughout the day with a few gifts, the most unexpectedly awesome being a set of the Marvel Comics Ender's Game graphic novels. nerd alert! but i don't care! i don't care what you think!

and while i busied myself FINALLY hanging my awesome rasterized yeti in the bedroom . .

notice the messy bed to made bed. ha.

*he was FINALLY hanging the map i got him for valentine's day (yes - february, it's now august), and when i walked out, THIS was hanging in the map's spot, all wrapped!!

i love it. then i decided i wanted breakfast for dinner in order to have a legitimate portion of pancakes, so we made ricotta pancakes and got down widdit. they were delicious, but i was on total sugar overload and had a TURRIBLE headache and went to bed on heavy medication.

cue gross, woozy feeling today. 08.16. i arrived at work, greeted by ANOTHER homemade dozen lovely chocolate chip with peanut butter frosting cupcakes AND piggy-shaped cookies AND biscuits from scratch!! come on, man. so feeling the love. and the ridonkulously dangerous caloric intake. 

even though it is quite clear that everyone is trying to fatten me up this year, i'm chalking this one up to a BIG WIN.  


i heart jordyn.


this is jordyn rae.  she is going to be 3 years old on sunday (the day before MY birthday!!!!).  i heart her a lot. and last saturday we did this:

*click for bigger*

her little face. aaahhh!!


texts from my mom.


like most of the other cell-phone-toting peoples of earth, i enjoy a good text message.  i even enjoy mediocre text messages.  in fact, the only text messages i do NOT enjoy are those that involve people a) arguing with me; b) spamming me; or c) breaking hearts and promises.  luckily a-c are rarely a part of my daily life.  which i mostly accredit to my awesome judgment of character skills and my zero-bullshit-tolerance approach to life.

the text messages that never fail to bring a smile to my face are always from my mom.  which i attribute to the following reasons: a) they are infrequent, therefore a pleasant surprise; b) she writes the way she speaks (enthusiastic, southern, and adorable!); and c) she is one of the cutest human beings on the planet.

allow me to demonstrate her text message genius:

(in response to my text just saying "hello" and "i love you!!")
08.06.2009 1317: I'm kissin u!

11.26.2009 0918: Lovin u and missin u!

(and later that day)
11.26.2009 1522: Thrnkr for being my dotter! kissing u

(after posting about post-workout knee pain on facebook)
12.17.2009 1240: Do not get kneesels! hee hee!

(after posting photographic evidence of my play-doh portraiture prowess . . on facebook)
12.30.2009 1125: I luv being one of the play doh colbys!

(in eager anticipation of a visit and sweet hang-outs)
05.12.2010 0848: I am already kissing you!

(and just today, in response to my awesomely scary new facebook — yes, again! — photo)
08.04.2010 0849: I luv your new muscle girl pic!@

as you can see, there are many exclamation points and lots of talk of "kissin u" — a sentiment of which i am a huge advocate, coming from my mom. so mom, thank you for making my day every so often and just being awesome in general. i hope spelling this all out doesn't "cheapen" our multi-media communicative efforts. 

♥, yer dotter