one last look.


there are no words for how much i love fall.  yes, yes, everyone says it.  but i'm just SURE that i FEEL it on a much deeper level than anyone else.  after all, it's my world.  you're just living in it.

the onset of fall.  that slightly skewed angle of the sun, making everything look just a teeny tiny bit surreal.  the slightly yellow-tinged light filtering through the trees on the side of the highway.  the slightly drier air floating on the breeze.  it's amaaaazzzziiiinnnngg!!!

BUT . . i'm not quite ready to let the summer go.

because i really enjoyed digging my toes into soft, northerly grasses.

and the creepy deserted-summer-camp-horror-movie atmosphere at this lake.

and this view.

and lazy fans lifting the curtains with their breeze.

sssiiigh. ok, i think now i'm ready. i feel that change is a'comin'.


my faves: labor day weekend 2010.


lots of things happened last weekend that were my favorite, including but not limited to the following:
  • i went home to FL and stayed at my brother's house in gainesville and we had a pizza party.
  • took my nephew duney on our first fro-yo date.
  • went down to south FL to my parents' house (first visit in a year!).
  • saw lots of old friends out on the town.
  • had a dang pirate party that was off the hook.
  • went cruising on the Indian River with some fwends.
  • general awesomeness.
and, of course, photos.

duney waiting for his party to start:

pirate dune and his new friend captain preston:

pirate dune and his untee raena:

preston in the giant inflatable bubble . . one of my favorite photos of ever:

mom and max . . max should've had an eye patch:
ashley and preston awwwwwwws:

kelly, me, ginnine. some hot pirates. i miss my jon waters-esque/johnny depp-ish mustache.

even though dune doesn't look excited, i assure you that he really really was:

my diddy:

and the next morning . . still in costume:

in all, such a great weekend. even if i am now coming down with whatever bug my parents had. still great.


office of future plans.


adventures in band photography continue apace.  you'd think i'd be getting better at it by now, but this time i took a wayward jaunt down the path of high ISO, and i'm not sure that it agreed with me.  i ventured into this risky territory last saturday night whilst watching Office of Future Plans perform at Ottobar in Baltimore, MD as part of BiMA fest.  they played a really great show after a far-too-long-6-month-show-hiatus (she remarked, after finally having seen them for the first time).

as a random side-note, Duff from that show Ace of Cakes has a band and they played right before OFP. look! evidence shot while testing out ISO and flash settings!

which was apparently not as random as i first suspected, since his cake shop/store/whateveryoucallit is actually right down the street from the venue. still a "who knew?!" moment for yours truly.

getting back on track . . Office of Future Plans played . .

and it was good.

*click for bigger*

go, guys, go!  i'm already looking forward to their next performance, which is yet to be scheduled (or at least publicized), but will probably be somewhere in the DC/MD/VA area.  yay for living in DC!  eat your hearts out people everywhere else!