fall 2010, second annual jumping festival, and pumpkins.


you do it once, it's just plain fun.  do it for the second time, about a year later, and it's a tradition.

over the weekend, we returned to the National Arboretum to capture the magic again. we love that place. and we found a much better/easier/overall-more-efficient way to get there, so that is  awesome. sadly, very few trees are changing colors as of yet. but we visited what proved to be the prettiest tree last year, and were not disappointed. we had an 8-year-olds' picnic (PBJ + chips) under it and became entranced by the reflection of all the pretty in each others' sunglasses.

then we got down to the very serious business of jumping photos to rival last year's. in all, i shot something like 267 photos. i edited down to 160. and i figured the very best way to share them all is to fly through them in 1 minute and 30 seconds via stop-action style video!

music: "the hardest geometry problem in the world" Rushmore OST.

man, i am SO SORE ALL OVER MY BODAY from all that horsin' around.  no joke.  this is when i realize that i'm "old".

THEEENN on sunday we carved $3 giant-ass pumpkins! this was accomplished whilst watching The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Great Pumpkin, and The Monster Squad (in that order).  and i have no idea why it took that long?  maybe because we didn't have any "proper" tools and just used reguar knives; so my hand cramped up like crazy, but the end result was worth it. 

i love the stem on mine . . it's all thick and twisty and still green.  you don't get pumpkins like that in FL, and certainly NOT for only $3.  hmmm, there you have it.  our 2nd FALL in DC has started off with a resounding "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"


i love my friends: version iris.0


i'm so lucky to have all of the people that i love in my life.  every single one of them.  i'm even more lucky to have friends in my life like iris . . a person that i can be completely myself around, who brings out my best self, and a person i can tell any(damn)thing to and know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be no judgment of any kind.  only support and understanding.  and she will probably undoubtedly make me laugh too.

iris came to visit me in DC the weekend before last and i decided to showcase her drop-dead-beautiful self in a series of photos.  we busted out my camera, seamless backdrop, and lighting setup around 11 pm saturday night and it was somehow the perfect time.  there are so many beautiful shots of iris that it's difficult for me to choose my favorites.  i mean . . just look at her.

*click for bigger*

and then there are all of these gems!

she is a complete natural in front of the camera and was so much fun. after so many great shots, i asked jesse to jump in and take some photos of iris and i together with our brand new faux fur hats that we will be rocking this winter WHAAAAT. jesse did an awesome job, even if he was grumpy about it.

here's me wishing i could see iris every weekend. i guess i'll just have to gaze upon these photos whenever i am missing her.


the business of busyness.


it seems that the depletion of my creativity reserves is approaching a threat level of orange. i blame the following things:
  • work. is gearing up. less than a month until another go-live and 14 hour days. the anxiety-inducing feeling that i'm forgetting something has begun to wash over me.
  • my house in FL. my tenant continues to suck the life out of me. her name appears an overwhelming 14 times (i counted) in my "recent calls" list on my phone. in less than 2 weeks. hate.
  • a looming large purchase. draaaagggggging on.
  • interpersonal relationships. these require attention.
  • errands. i really detest errands. i've had so many places i've had to be and appointments to be on time for that have eaten up all of my "free" time.  makes me a little frantic.
  • and fun. yes, i blame having fun. which has kept me very occupied and gratefully sane amongst the rest of my crazy. thank you to those who have contributed.
i've barely picked up my camera for anything fun in the past several weeks. i've left that to other people, including photographer Dave McIntosh, with whom i did a photoshoot . . WITH A HORSE!!!!!!!!! how fun and awesome is that?! you KNOW i love horses. the photographer, make-up artist, the HORSE (!! named Storm), and horse-handler were all so great.  here, just see for yourself:

*click for bigger*

even though my adductor muscles* are still on fire sore, 'twas a great experience and it's nice to take in someone else's creative process. hopefully it will rub off on me.

and in closing - my dad is really AWESOME. more on that later.

*thank you, gavin.