pocket project.


several awesome things happened over the weekend.  including but not limited to the following:
  1. went home to DC after 2 weeks away.
  2. received my photoflex octodome 3' softbox kit!
  3. got a new pair of shoes.
  4. finally figured out nikon's CLS (creative lighting system) and feel like an idiot for waiting this long.
  5. we the pizza night AND taco night.
  6. finally delved into the pocket project.  allow me to essplain . . 
i am partial to garments with pockets in them.  when i am out buying clothes, if a dress or skirt does not have pockets i a) get angry - why o' why would a designer eliminate this all-important element?!; and b) see if said garment has side seams and assess whether or not i could add pockets of my own.  which i've been saying i will get around to for about a year now.  therefore, using this very helpful tutorial along with numbers 2, 3, and 4 above, voila! le projet de poche! (french makes "the pocket project" fancy?)

*click for bigger*

guess what i'm thankful for this thanksgiving?? i mean besides baby animals, fro-yo, and my camera?  pockets, of course!


making your monday - video style.


in case you were wondering, yes, work has been eating me alive.  thanks for asking!  it's go-live time again and today starts week 3 of our ever-enduring and supportive . . er . . support.  i worked both weekend shifts and saturday was grueling not in its intensity and amount of busy-ness, but in the amount of nothingness going on.  so i brought my personal computer and decided to delve into Photos From the Past and was instantly inspired.  i feverishly asked my brother mykel (LZRKMMNDR) if he had 30 seconds of music that i could use for the project i was working on - something upbeat and kind of happy-ish.  after a few minutes of what i imagine was him going through files upon files of music, he said something like "how about i just make you something right now?" and i was all "OHMYYESS!".  

as he was conjuring Beats From Beyond, he said, "i feel like i'm making video game music."  you'll understand shortly.

less than 30 minutes later, he sent me 33 seconds of brand-spankin-new original LZRKMMNDR myewzik and i set to work on a series of photos i took way back in 2006 on a visit home to FL using my fisheye lens attachment.  it made me really happy to make and watch this video.  here's hoping it will cheer all those who gaze upon it and offer me encouragement as i embark upon this final (hopefully?) week of hell go-live support.  love ya.  mean it.