2010 photographic year in review.


yes, here it is.  the much-anticipated 2010 photographic year in review!  finally!  last post of the year!  get with it!!

i had a good/challenging time going through the photos i've taken through the year . . it was kind of annoying as there were 30-something folders to sift through to find favorites, and, as evidenced below, some months are rather lean (*cough* APRIL *cough* NOVEMBER *cough*) and i wanted 3 photos for each month.  i attribute these slim pickin's to the months i had go-lives at work.  who knew that 70-80 hr weeks would sap me of my creativity?  snarf.

ok . . without further ado . . favorite clicks of 2010.  thanks for reading/looking, little lambs.  happy new year!!  fireworks!  explosions!  drunk make-outs!

2010 photographic year in review
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family acrobatics: a christmas miracle.


christmas is a time for giving, caring, sharing, and (allegedly) for running full speed and jumping over your smaller family members.

that's how we do.


whoa, it's december.


i think i may have somehow been pulled into a black hole for the last 3-4 weeks.  i mean, christmas is in a ~week.  how?  what?  where??  good thing i stopped the "tradition" of christmas shopping or i'd probably be freaking out right now.  especially because we're getting the first snow of this winter, meaning i will be stuck in my apartment until they dig me out in the spring. 

kidding.  sort of.

work (in richmond) sent us home last night so we could all hold up in our respective homesteads and be warm and snuggly and sip hot cocoa by the laptopside and do softwarey stuff as required.  as of last night, i have also begun fighting the good fight in order to not become completely incapacitated by this looming cold.  NAY, says i.  nay.  that's 2 nays, in case you were counting (heh, mykel).

so as i work dutifully i am engaging in the following activities:

  • watching the snow fall out the window.

  • and accumulate on my car.

  • and sipping on my favorite Numi tea.

  • now back to some regularly scheduled softwarey things.