anxiety-1; raena-0


i don't consider myself a particularly neurotic person (i guess there will never be a leading female sitcom character based on me!) . . until i have to do something that requires a fair to moderate level of commitment.  meaning that i operate on a low-anxiety level until i have to do something like a) buy a car; b) sign a lease on an apartment; c) meet with an attorney about what to do about my house in FL that will never ever sell and will always be a PAIN IN THE ASS; etc.  you know, major life decision type things.

just this week, i happen to be engaging in 3 of these kinds of activities and it's a bit much for me to handle.  logistics, man!  how will it work?!  what if it doesn't work?!  i had a full-on nightmare last night.  like i woke up heaving and panting and str8 up scared.  i had to turn the light on and and try to think happy thoughts.  

deep breaths.  so here is a reminder to myself and anyone else who might be having an anxious day/week/month to just let yer durn hair down and not worry so much.  it will work out.  i mean, it WILL, right?

i whip my hair back and forth
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LuvRch5 said...

I am in continually sequences of worry - doubt - anxiety and then peace. Then the cycle starts all over. It WILL WORK OUT though. It always does!!!!

yoshi said...

Jesus! you are cool lookin.....YES!! it will all work out :)