when in crisis mode, do something frivolous and girly.  oh and document it.

case in point: saturday.

i realized that i hadn't taken the time to test out my charcoal seamless paper backdrop yet, so it was time.  i did my make-up, braided my hair all up, and busted out my ultra-comfortable (and admittedly dance-inspired) around-the-apartment wear and did the thang.  gray on gray may seem a bit boring, but i was feeling moody and liked the results.


i've the following to say:

a) the charcoal background suits me so well as far as my gray-obsession goes.  uncanny i haven't tried it sooner.
b) photo editing is my zen activity.  i love it.  far more than the act of taking photos, in fact.  i'm one of those snobby i-don't-show-anyone-photos-that-have-not-been-edited type of jerks. 
c) self-portraiture is challenging, yet it's easier than working with flakyass models.
d) i find myself using my 50mm lens almost exclusively these days.  can't put it down.

during set-up/tear-down of my impromptu kitchen studio, someone else felt inclined to get in on the action.  far be it from me to turn away such a looker!

bring it, tuesday.


-Colleen said...

That dog has quite a tongue. Your photos are amazing, as always.

Johanna said...

I love your hair! Mine's not quite long enough yet, though I've tried.

raena said...

colleen, she truly does. that was a lucky shot :) and thank you!

thanks, johanna! i ended up putting in about 4 braids total and just pinning it everywhere. wasn't sure how it would turn out, but i like it :)

Iris said...

Love this look Raena. Very elegante. A +++++++
Love you.