my spring '11 lookbook: i bore you with more stripes.


seriously, who do i think i am with all these stripes?  i have no explanation other than: this is what i'm into right now.

my fantasy regarding this dress is that some large-ish party would be thrown in my honor, for once, not at my own bidding, and i would appear in this dress and someone would hand me a bouquet of balloons (visual aid below) and i would be gracious and all, "oh!  my!  for ME??"  then i would twirl around, letting the skirt flare up (modestly, unlike the Flashing Incident of My Birthday Party 2006, *ahemjustinmeredithkristin*), and then pause gracefully while everyone moves in closer for hugs.  general merriment ensues.

nice, right?

i've had this dress for 3+ years and this scenario has never come to fruition.  so here's to keeping the hope alive.

dress + belt: Kohl's; shoes: BCBGirls.

it's very much a party dress in my opinion and i wish i had more occasion to wear it. thus concludes "my spring '11 lookbook".  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (+ the "gimme" gesture a la SNL's favorite city correspondent Stefon).  to recap:


perhaps there will be a summer version. who knows? the month of may is extremely busy, including a move out of DC and into statim temporalis, eliminating my fancy kitchen studio.  so.  yes.  you just never know what one good bird is gonna throw atcha.


SmallButMighty said...

What happens at 3725 Maple Grove, stays at 3725 Maple Grove