beach snobbery.


"oh the Outer Banks?  oh yes, hah hah hah [superior laugh], i summer there . . "
-me last weekend

ok ok ok, it was more like 48 hours of awesome-beach-house-with-the-bf's-family time.  but you get the picture.  in case you don't though, following are some ACTUAL pictures. ha!  oh man!

we arrived around midnight wednesday night/thursday morning.  somehow, i woke before anyone else to a completely amazing sunrise.  i didn't even mind that i was no longer sleeping and quite exhausted from listening to the dog get up and down and strain her ears (YES, this makes noise.  somehow) all damn night.  i mean, just look.

and the sun rose in my hairs.

and continued to blind a couple of Nelmans.

and then, to my great enjoyment, some children arose and proceeded to climb all over me.

then we took bouvie to the beach for the first time. i think she liked it. 
there's sand on her little pink mouf!

she left her temporary mark.

THEN we went to a beach where WILD HORSES [!!!] live and roam the dunes. we drove around for about an hour before seeing any. but it was totally worth the wait because there was a mom and her little baby horse walking together. then the momma decides "hey, i'm gonna lay down and roll around in the sand," and the baby is all, "ok, i'll walk/trot around in a circle while you do that," and a bird was like, "i'll fly by while you guys do that."  and 'lo, it was awesome.

then they walked over to join their other horse friends waiting for them by the water.  
and the crowd goes wild.

this really happened. this was real life. for 48 hours anyway.


Johanna said...

What, are you for real!? I've been hearing a lot about these carolina beaches lately, but the wild horses bit just sealed the deal for me.

I really want to plan a road trip to take the dogs to the beach, but I can't decide on a good place! This looks good.

raena said...

yes, for real!! it's actually a great place to take dogs. many of the houses are pet friendly. the house where we were staying had no less than 3 dogs in it. pretty cool.

do it!

sheila said...

randomly found your blog today and it made me happy. Those wild horses are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
Thanks for sharing

raena said...

thank you, sheila! those horses were truly awesome. i'd love to meet them again someday.

your blog is superfun. now following!