my diddy.


my dad is a righteous dad.

my diddy and his diddy before him.

i am the person that i am today in large part due to my father.  he shares the spot at the top of my "List of People Who Have Most Influenced Who I Have Turned Out to Be (I Sure Hope I Made Them Proud)" with only my mother and brother.  they best the competition by a large margin.  in the spirit of Father's Day (this sunday, kids!  don't forget!), i shall now formally bestow thanks for the following:

  • teaching me how to take a compliment.  there is grace in this.
  • conveying the importance of proper grammar and how it is a powerful tool for making people take you seriously.  most paramount - DO NOT END SENTENCES IN PREPOSITIONS.
  • being raised in a musical house.
  • working hard his whole life to provide for his family.  especially the braces.  thank you so much for the braces.
  • leading by example.
  • the careful, noninvasive judgment reserved for some UNworthy boyfriends. you were right, dad. thank you for letting me figure it out on my own though.
  • indulging my lofty desires for dad-made goods.
    • exhibit A: the awesome make-up organizer i asked him to craft for me last year. i'm all "hey dad, do you think you can make this?" and he's all "um i don't know don't expect too much" then BOOM!  awesomely perfect awesomeness:
    • exhibit B: this ADORABLE wooden whale that sits on my desk and holds pens and pencils and post-it notes and even my phone!!
  • lastly, and perhaps most importantly, always being there.  being present. a full-time father who built me up and let me know there was never a moment that my dad was not there to hold my hand, stand behind me, and support me. 
    in conclusion, thanks for being all-round awesome, dad, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!  i freakin' love you, ya dirty so-and-so!!


    Johanna said...

    That old picture is rad!