that first photo is highly cinematic, no? and somewhat haunting. hope i haven't scared you.

oh right, WHY? last weekend my friend angel celebrated her birthday with a classic-story themed murder mystery party. i rarely pass up an excuse to dress up and when i saw the character choices, i knew exactly what i had to do. the lovely ginnine let me borrow the cape she made with her own two hands for her red riding hood halloween costume back in 2007. she does beautiful work. jesse was the other hood, robin hood, that is. and he crafted his own bow and arrow from some downed branches and twine (and an arrowhead out of cardboard and duct tape). before dinner, we got in some target practice.

and the table was set. fabulous dinner made by angel's sister, charity, and brother-in-law, tyler. Charity's storybook cake was amazing.

general merriment ensued. there were all sorts of characters . . angel was snow white, there was sherlock holmes, rapunzel, count dracula, john silver, the mad hatter, the wicked witch, (and more!) and even a little one-year-lold scheherazade! angel's dog even joined in on the role-playing as one of the seven dwarves - sleepy, of course.

i love it when everybody is a good sport and dresses up. well done, everyone. well done.

now gearing up for this weekend. heading to gainesville for the HOT GRAVES 7" release show. and brother + nephew time. verymuchlookingforwardtoit.

raena riding hood


Charity Brown said...

Raena, you take such great pictures! What lens were you using? Is it a 50mm 1.4? Do you mind if I borrow your pics for my blog? I didn't take many... mostly because I am super behind on my own blog and the thought of taking more pictures to be behind with is exhausting. Hehe. Let me know! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the party!

raena said...

thanks, charity!! it's actually the fixed 50mm 1.8. i use it so much that i want to trade it in for the 1.4 though :)

i don't mind at all if you want to use the photos (just a little credit would be awesome). i'm dying to see all the photos that ryan took!

Charity Brown said...

Yeah, I have a 50mm 1.8, too. Do you use a Nikon? And of course you'll get the credit... :)

I'll make it to posting Ryan's pics one of these days. LOL. I am swamped in wedding pictures right now. Maybe I'll take a break from them one of these days and post a few. :)

Charity Brown said...

p.s. Let me know if you want an invite to view my blog. It's private. I have to send email invites.

raena said...

i do use a nikon. that 1.8 is GREAT for the money. i'm going to have to spring for the 1.4 though :)

i'd love an invite!

Charity Brown said...

Invite sent! :) I pulled your email from facebook. It's the gmail address.

Johanna said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Lookin' good, hoods!

raena said...

thanks, johanna! it was a lot of fun. do recommend.