weekend o' stellar.


now you are all in big BIG trouble. for i have purchased myself a nice little point-and-shoot camera that is not big and bulky and annoying to carry around for taking photos of general hijinks and things that for the past several years have remained burned into my human-brain-memory only because of not wanting to carry around my back-breaking DSLR.  enter the panasonic lumix gf1 - a curious little camera i learned of recently that has a cult-esque following and was somewhat difficult to procure. but now it is mine with it's nice little 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. and so it is written.

i brought it along with me last weekend to gainesville + st. augustine where lots of things happened.  which i will show you. now.

mykel scooped me up from the airport and we had lunch at his magical workplace, Satchel's Pizza

that night, HOT GRAVES played a show at 1982.

the awesome band SHROUD EATER stayed with us and we went out for a fro-yo date on saturday.

jean + janette + colby's = friends for life.


here i have to say i am a jerk, because janette took the 3 photos that are pretty and clear, 
then the one i take of HER is not in focus. i fail at my own new camera :( and jean is technically drinking an iced coffee beverage here, but i assure you, she loved the 'yo.

later on we headed to st. augustine for the next show. here are some artsy around-town photos i couldn't resist showing you because DAMN this little camera is special.

ok, one of those is from gville. bragging rights to whoever guesses correctly.

we got back to gainesville around 3 in the am and somehow rallied and busted into the bag of goodies janette bestowed upon us and hilarity ensued.

HOLY CRAP. we totally supersized the awesome in last weekend.