my fall lookbook '11: the perfect outfit in which to meet ryan gosling.


all the heterosexual dudes: GROOOOAAAAAAAAAAN. 
everybody else: EEEEEEEE RYAN GOSLING!!!! 

yeah. i AM daydreaming about wearing this outfit walking through Disney Land and meeting up with my beau, Ryan Gosling, who has been waiting for me on a bench and greets me with a smooch and hooks his arm around my neck as we walk off toward Space Mountain together, giggling and sharing inside jokes and evading the paparazzi. so what? 

 faux leather hoodie, striped v-neck sweater, and jeggings: all from Target! wedges: Blowfish.

i'm heading to LAX tonight to see one of my best girls, Brittany! so you know . . this weekend is my chance to wear this outfit and make it all happen. i dream big. 



John Teeter said...

You know he was born in London right?

So you should come here in hopes of meeting him!

raena said...

i did NOT know that. i knew he was canadian, but i didn't realize he was basically your neighbor at one point. you're right, i should come up there! worst case scenario - we hang out and have awesome times. even if there is no victoria's secret around in which to have deep conversation.