2011 photographic year in review.


2011 has certainly been quite the year. it is ending much differently than it began and i have faced quite a few major changes. some good, some bad, but i'm not trying to keep score there. i have also met some of the most wonderful new friends this year and have reconnected with old friends (and family!) as well. i am over-the-moon grateful for that.

there was quite a bit of photo-taking in 2011, although may was an entirely lean month photographically speaking . . all i have to show for it is a few iPhone photos. (well, truth be told, there were several hundred photos taken that month, but that's for another project that i am not quite ready to reveal yet, so you'll just have to wait.  oooh suspense!! and that's how you keep 'em coming back for more.)

ok ok ok, so, without further ado, i present to you my 2011 photographic year in review! 


thank you, friends and family. happy new year to all!


Angelea said...

I had forgotten how pretty Bouvie is! Looks like you had a killer year! Miss you!