new roommate.


what with the economy in the shitter and the rising cost of living and the absurdity of hoop-jumping one must go through to live in a city like washington, dc, who wouldn't need a roommate?!

don't misunderstand; jesse and i like our 726 square feet of 1 BR (+ a den!) apartment just fine, but we got a wild hair and decided to look for a roommate to share our little slice of the nation's capital.  a half-hearted search began last august.  didn't yield much.  we began a full-fledged search in october with a more steadfast and dedicated approach.  some prospects arose right before christmas, but you know . . the holidays, man.  nobody returns calls or emails.  so we stagnated a bit.

over new year's weekend we met THEE perfect roommate.  she was everything we desired in a cute little package.  she needed us and we needed her.  so simple.  we invited her into our home and she moved in last thursday night.

her name is Bouvier (fancy!) found at Bonnie Blue Rescue in Richmond, VA (AMAZING peeps).  she is about 2 years old.  and she is at least 7 kinds of awesome.

her hobbies include wagging her entire rear end, smelling things, curious meetings with strangers, looking pretty, and long walks in the crisp city air.  

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oh!  and dancing!

it's been more than 3 years since i had this kind of doggie love in my life and i couldn't be happier about it. our first weekend with her has been awesome . . she's a complete snuggler and constantly cracks us up.  so here's to life-altering commitments and crushing anxiety between my thumb and forefinger.  heart.


anxiety-1; raena-0


i don't consider myself a particularly neurotic person (i guess there will never be a leading female sitcom character based on me!) . . until i have to do something that requires a fair to moderate level of commitment.  meaning that i operate on a low-anxiety level until i have to do something like a) buy a car; b) sign a lease on an apartment; c) meet with an attorney about what to do about my house in FL that will never ever sell and will always be a PAIN IN THE ASS; etc.  you know, major life decision type things.

just this week, i happen to be engaging in 3 of these kinds of activities and it's a bit much for me to handle.  logistics, man!  how will it work?!  what if it doesn't work?!  i had a full-on nightmare last night.  like i woke up heaving and panting and str8 up scared.  i had to turn the light on and and try to think happy thoughts.  

deep breaths.  so here is a reminder to myself and anyone else who might be having an anxious day/week/month to just let yer durn hair down and not worry so much.  it will work out.  i mean, it WILL, right?

i whip my hair back and forth
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