when in crisis mode, do something frivolous and girly.  oh and document it.

case in point: saturday.

i realized that i hadn't taken the time to test out my charcoal seamless paper backdrop yet, so it was time.  i did my make-up, braided my hair all up, and busted out my ultra-comfortable (and admittedly dance-inspired) around-the-apartment wear and did the thang.  gray on gray may seem a bit boring, but i was feeling moody and liked the results.


i've the following to say:

a) the charcoal background suits me so well as far as my gray-obsession goes.  uncanny i haven't tried it sooner.
b) photo editing is my zen activity.  i love it.  far more than the act of taking photos, in fact.  i'm one of those snobby i-don't-show-anyone-photos-that-have-not-been-edited type of jerks. 
c) self-portraiture is challenging, yet it's easier than working with flakyass models.
d) i find myself using my 50mm lens almost exclusively these days.  can't put it down.

during set-up/tear-down of my impromptu kitchen studio, someone else felt inclined to get in on the action.  far be it from me to turn away such a looker!

bring it, tuesday.


loosely related ponderances and overusage of parentheses.


10 years ago this month i purchased my first cell phone.  the office where i worked received a faxed (ha!) advertisement for a "valentine's day special" from cingular wireless.  at least, i think that's what they were called back then.  the phone (some sort of prehistoric nokia) was free.  and i have the same phone number today.  added shock value for you 20-somethings (and under): there was no text messaging. GASP!!


as i sat in my work-apartment-kitchen last night catching up on blogs and having "dinner", i began to ponder how fulfilling my current life/work situation is.  i'm not unhappy, but when i realized what i was doing 3-4 nights a week while at work away from home, i thought "wow, this is pretty lame".  i come home from work (which on its own has been pretty boring and frustrating lately), do my workout, shower, eat, tinker on my computer, read a book, then fall asleep.  it's all very solitary.  not that i think i should be going out and being around people every night as i like my alone time.  but i have the general feeling that i could/should be accomplishing something more.  i've now been traveling for work for 3 whole years (another anniversary - next week).  wow.


i miss my family and my friends in FL and think about you all so very often.

just call me Nell Carter.  i do this fancy thing with my hands when explaining my threshhold for stress that doesn't translate well to the written word.  if you will, imagine me holding my hands about a foot apart whilst proclaiming, "this is my reservoir!" and listing the things currently filling it up - evicting my tenant in FL, "tax planning", forming an s-corp, talking to multiple attorneys/accountants about how to accomplish these things, not knowing where the hell i will be living when june comes along, etc. etc. - and moving my hands closer and closer together until they are almost touching.  which means BWAA! BWAA! WARNING! NEARING CAPACITY!

this leaves very little space for dealing with normal every day tasks, such as standing in line at the grocery store (behind TWO people writing checks - COMETHEFREAKONREALLY?!?!!). in this state, those tasks are excrutiating and push me to the brink of Internal Meltdown.

hmm.  upon further reflection, perhaps it's a good thing i spend so much time alone.

6-day western caribbean cruise is now little more than a month away.  thank the maker.  also, i love our new roommate.  i miss her muchly during the week. wish i was home with her now.

i think i had better quit there.