currently awesome: jesse + bouvie.


(last night) mine eyes are tired and strained from a 13+ hr day in front of a computer, and my body kind of hurts all over, but these photos from last saturday are still making me laugh.

*click for bigger*

ok, i'm ready to do it again now.


my spring '11 lookbook: casual sauce.


geez . . i've been trying to post something here for the last 2 weeks.  now i am sitting in front of my computer, trying to pound something out at 9 pm after a fantastic dinner out with my co-workers and i'm finding it difficult to focus completely after the 3 adult beverages i had.  what?  we have 70+-hour weeks coming starting this sunday.  give us a break already.

last saturday, m'lady jenn of roots of she came over and we did a little photoshoot.  it was great.  i broke out the greenish-blue seamless backdrop (and also made her go up on the roof and though seemingly so sunny and warm, it was COLD and windy - she's a Trooper) and went to town.  i bought balloons for the occasion (which shall be appearing over the next several weeks+, you'll see) to fulfill a vision i'd had for quite some time.  and jenn delivered.

isn't she lovely?

i decided while everything was set up and since it's officially all spring now (never-minding the snow that's supposed to arrive on saturday?), that i would embark upon a project to show you all my spring lookbook for 2011. er . . as i see it anyway. in raena's world. things that are being worn. by me. raena. indulge me for the next several weeks+, mkay?

so, first up, a casual outfit:

jeans: g-star; shirt: target; cardigan: anthropologie; shoes: crocs; hat: urban outfitters; other accessory: DOG

speaking of . . dude . . how cute is this dog with a balloon? amirite?

hot shower time. and i vow to not post until the morning when i can look this over and make sure it is not completely embarrassing makes sense.




i can't seem to find the inspiration to post anything here lately.  been busy, stressed, haven't picked up my camera in weeks.  i have tried and just look at my camera like "what?  nothing?  really?  hmm, ok.  maybe next weekend."  perhaps i'll feel differently after my long overdue vacation next week?  surely jet skiing, snorkeling with sting rays, shopping for jewelry, riding horses on the beach, and hiking up waterfalls will stimulate my creative reservoir.  SO looking forward to trading in my coat and gloves for shorts, flip flops, and bathing suits.  oh and quality time with jesse and these very special ladies: 

taking it back to thanksgiving 2006? och. can't wait for sunday!!