my spring '11 lookbook: hello sailor!


funny story . . is the worst way to start off any anecdote.  it's egotistical and sets the expectations of your audience WAY too high.  therefore i will not make such a boast and will instead say . . 

story.  i wore this ensemble on the cruise we took back in march on the "formal night".  it's not really that formal, per se, but it seemed fitting (obvious reasons). upon exiting our cabin, the room attendant stopped us and made a big deal about how i looked "nice and everything", but warned me that there were hundreds of single women on the boat looking "just as good" as me and that i had better hold on tightly to my man.  WTF, breaux? 

what i wanted to say: i know you're giving me your best charming smile and foreign accent and seaworthy know-how and towel-folding-animal-sculpture-prowess and all, but you are being a complete - how do you say? - D-BAG

what i actually said: ha.  um.  ok.  bye.

jesse the rest of the evening: smug as hell.

i like to think i presented a twee bit better than just "nice and everything".

*click for bigger*

dress: Pinup Girl Clothing (yes, again); shoes: TOMS wedges.
i will now leave the deciding up to you via this fancy poll. please answer. for the good of humanity.

what do you think? eh?


post 100! a celebratory mood.


last weekend's trip to florida was filled with equal parts tragedy and triumph. i am choosing, however, to not mention the tragic parts in any detail and to focus on letting the good times roll.  savvy? 

my dad's 60th birthday party was a complete success!  he did not wish to have a Giant Inflatable Slip-n-Slide a la my 30th bday party (his loss), but instead had fine spirits, excellent food, and merry company. our wonderfully talented friend Carla (of Tasteful Simplicity!) made him not one, but two UH-MAY-ZING cakes to suit his fancy: one in the likeness of his favorite fishy prey, a snook; and the second - an exact replica of one of his favorite rums, Pampero Aniversario.

*click for bigger*

incredible, right?  the rum bottle was a delicious carrot cake and the snook was red velvet - with rice crispy treat fins - genius!!  it sat on the larger "deck" that was dual layers of chocolate and vanilla.  one might say that Carla knows what she's doing.

cutting into the red velvet fish was awesome . . i'm sure you can imagine its realistic nature, but here are some visual aids:

here, fishy fishy

and although it was my dad's party, after much begging and pleading, he allowed me to invite two of my favorite ladies, Iris and Kelly.  we were just a regular gaggle of good time gals together.

*click for bigger*

i also enjoyed my nephew.  most especially, right when he woke up in the morning, due to his snuggly, happy nature upon waking, and his awesome devil-may-care morning hair.


lastly . . this is my 100th blog post!!!!  100 entries of pure, unadulterated one-good-bird-ness!  i feel as though there should be more fanfare around this event, but i'll leave it at that.


my spring '11 lookbook: mon dieu.


today i hearken back to my french roots.  well, i suppose they are "alleged" french roots, but don't worry, everybody. soon i shall find out ALL about my genetic composition (a la and share the real truth with you.  tangential, but exciting.  i wrote before about my color-ruts when shopping for clothes.  it seems my new rut is stripes.  because i really love them and am very happy that they are "in" right now so that i may enjoy the diverse selections at my disposal at most every shopportunity.  (ewwwwww)

so here is my french-ish stripey dress that i think would've looked much better with red lipstick, now that i think about it, and am beating myself up over such an oversight.  forgive?

  dress/belt: Pinup Girl Clothing; shoes: BCBGirls

i love Pinup Girl Clothing. i've acquired several pieces from there and they always fit me like a glove.  do appreesh.  though i did modify this dress . . it originally had a kind of silly-looking bow on the front collar with a little skull pin.  i found it distracting and promptly removed it.  much cuter this way.  just imagine the red lipstick, mk?  or perhaps a little red scarf action?

now is time to get ready for FLORIDA!!  going home for my dad's 60th birthday.  i can't wait to see friends and family and bask in the florida heat.  oh man.  i wonder if i will ever return to live there again?  i do miss it so.


my spring '11 lookbook: slightly dressy.


people don't invite me to weddings.  i can only assume it's because a) i am no fun at all; b) i buy crappy presents; c) i WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in stupid activities like trying to catch a bouquet or dancing in congo lines (see point a); or d) people i know just don't get married.  i've been to 6 weddings since the year 1999.  no, really.

back to the point . . if i WAS invited to celebrate a loved one's nuptials this spring, i think i would wear this little green number.  in fact, this is the dress that i wore to the last wedding i attended (in 2008 - it still fits!).

dress: BCBG; shoes: don't know i've had them for 5 years and they are neat; accessory: balloons.

for a while there, everything i bought was green.  i go through these sorts of phases . . green is the first one i can remember.  then it was orange.  then turquoise. then, and now, gray.  been stuck there for a while.  but it's spring now and it's time for some color, right, little lambs?  don't hold me to it in subsequent posts though . . there are lots of stripes in my immediate future.  stay tuned.