leaving DC.


moving.  again.

moving still sucks.  unfortunately there have been no major technological breakthroughs in moving over the past ~2 years and you still just have to muscle through it.

we are leaving DC, which is incredibly sad and surreal to me.  it didn't hit me until last weekend as i started packing some things up that we were actually leaving and i felt helpless and despaired for a moment (or five).  Pity, party of 1.

we are moving into my work apartment in richmond, VA.  though it will only be my work apartment for another month as i have accepted a new contract down in SFL to start at the end of june.  nothing like piling change on top of change, right?  my cup runneth over.  i have a lease at the apartment until november though, and who knows where we will need to live by then?  so we shall put a bunch of stuff in storage and move there for now.

DC is an incredibly awesome and expensive place to live.  jesse has graduated from georgetown law (cum laude!!!) and will be looking for a job and studying for the Bar over the next couple of months . . so it makes sense to do all this in a much less expensive (and much less awesome, HAHAHAHAHA.  oh.) place.

tomorrow.  ::whimper::

the one good thing i can come up with about leaving DC is that i won't have to play tour guide and visit museums and monuments that i've been to a zillion times now with each new guest who comes a-calling.  oh, and not being subject to photo speeding tickets and parking tickets all the time and constantly worrying if i've parked in an ok spot.  oh, and not feeling the hostility oozing out of the pores of the crazy racist african american extremist groups that yell all manner of TERRIBLE things about white people at the gallery place/chinatown metro stop.  oh, and driving . . anywhere.  but otherwise, you know, complete devastation.  

and just a little tribute . . in and around the city.  sighs around.

*click for bigger*


my spring '11 lookbook: i bore you with more stripes.


seriously, who do i think i am with all these stripes?  i have no explanation other than: this is what i'm into right now.

my fantasy regarding this dress is that some large-ish party would be thrown in my honor, for once, not at my own bidding, and i would appear in this dress and someone would hand me a bouquet of balloons (visual aid below) and i would be gracious and all, "oh!  my!  for ME??"  then i would twirl around, letting the skirt flare up (modestly, unlike the Flashing Incident of My Birthday Party 2006, *ahemjustinmeredithkristin*), and then pause gracefully while everyone moves in closer for hugs.  general merriment ensues.

nice, right?

i've had this dress for 3+ years and this scenario has never come to fruition.  so here's to keeping the hope alive.

dress + belt: Kohl's; shoes: BCBGirls.

it's very much a party dress in my opinion and i wish i had more occasion to wear it. thus concludes "my spring '11 lookbook".  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (+ the "gimme" gesture a la SNL's favorite city correspondent Stefon).  to recap:


perhaps there will be a summer version. who knows? the month of may is extremely busy, including a move out of DC and into statim temporalis, eliminating my fancy kitchen studio.  so.  yes.  you just never know what one good bird is gonna throw atcha.


destination elsewhere.


i am officially out of it today. i woke up around 2 am with a crazy sinus headache. as usual when this happens, i try to go back to sleep without taking any medicine. this fails me every time.  i got up and drank 2 full glasses of water hoping that would help.  i filled my glass again and promptly spilled the entire contents directly on my open and active macbook.  ha?  hoo boy. hoping for the best there.

decided to read.  i finished the first Dexter book (so disappointing . . rarely do i find a movie/tv series to be better than the novel, but in this case, the show is faaaaarrrrrrrr superior) and started Fight Club. gave up and took medicine and finally fell back asleep around 4:30.  this combo induced odd dreams.  2 hours later = alarm.  gross. 

now i sit here in a state of Through the Looking Glass, wishing i could be anywhere but here (i.e., work). perhaps back on vacation . . somewhere in the ocean near the Cayman Islands, smooching stingrays, floating in the warm tropical seas . . 

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or perhaps just back at my apartment snuggled up on the lovesac taking naps and listening to the rain. or maybe fluffing it up nice and big and running and dive-bombing the hell out of it, just for kicks.  i do that sometimes too.

yeah. it's like that.