it's that time again.  happens every year.  like clockwork.  thank you for coming again, birthday.

i spent the weekend busying and distracting myself in the most lovely ways.  saturday night i met up with some lovely ladies in hollywood (the FL version) and we lit that town ON FIRE.  well.  i mean. i like to think that we at least added a little flavor after besting the rain and lightning storms, roaming the streets until 3 am-ish*.

at PRL Euro Cafe, walking the streets and perusing the sweets. with great company, you really can't lose.

over the weekend, i was also in the midst of moving into a house in ft. lauderdale since i'm working down here now. it gets me out of the hotel, for which i am extremely grateful. i have very little stuff for the time being, so there wasn't much to move and the house is pretty empty, but i'm super-excited about it. saturday morning the cable guy arrived 10 minutes early (* at 7:50 am - this was difficult) and 3 hours later (yes, really), cable and internet! magic!

then the lovely Ginnine drove down and we had a little pool party because I HAVE A POOL MY OWN POOL IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE FINALLY ONLY AFTER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she took me for a wonderful thai dinner and then we got some ice cream, which we shared out on the back porch, which is surprisingly peaceful and lovely.

after she left, i set some things about and tried to organize what little stuff i currently have. including this make-shift nightlight in the bedroom:

then i worked on blowing up the awesome present i bought for myself . . seahorse pool float!!

i threw it in the pool and decided to go back in for my own solo pool party. BECAUSE DID I MENTION I NOW HAVE A PRIVATE POOL AT MY HOUSE?

alien face.

this morning i opened a "do not open til your birthday" package which broke my heart and made it soar at the same time. as a result, i now officially own my first piece of Tiffany's jewelry.

still reeling from this one.

tonight my parents and Kelly are coming down for dinner and who-knows-what-else! which will be some much-needed company.

birthdays are fun.