my fall '11 lookbook: space cowgirl.


SPACE: the final . . thing. 

except probably not final anything anymore. have you seen that "Through the Wormhole" show where morgan freeman basically tells you that science people have been dead wrong and they're all thinking that space is NOT infinite? blowing my mind. i haven't actually watched it, but the preview blew my mind. pretty much anything that is hosted/narrated by morgan freeman has that affect on me. 

the point here is actually not to get into some philosophical physics discussion. mostly because i don't know that much math (because i think that's what it takes? math?) let alone the amount of chalkboard space that would call for. the point is to demonstrate my staunch support for space with these awesome new leggings i ordered all the way from the other side of this planet. which i am/will be wearing this fall. 

oversized gray t-shirt: Forever 21 (shame); galaxy leggings by BlackMilk; shoes: dolce vita wedges.

these leggings are amazing. they are seriously awesome and i want everyone to see them. everyone in the world. they are pricey, but in my opinion, totally worth the joy i feel when i put them on. they also feel great and seem to be of high quality. 

and because you know how i love to whipmyhairbackandforth, this: 



my fall '11 lookbook: here we go.


back by popular demand*! it's lookbook time: fall '11 edition! 

i had lots of fun with my spring lookbook, and it is actually the "most popular"** hit on this blog to date. the summer came and went and now it's fall, and time for wearing the things that i like to wear the most! boots and jackets and scarves and hoodies and sweaters! although, now i am spending the majority of my time in south florida . . which greatly diminishes the need for this collection of items i've cultivated over the last 6-ish years. and items i continue to buy because i just can't help myself. 

*no actual demands received . . 
 **this part is true.

my photo set-up is quite different now as i don't have the space to use my favorite 50mm lens (let alone a 70mm or 85mm like i should be using for this purpose) and get a full-body shot.  and i feel as though the quality completely suffers - i'm cursing the lack of sharpness, the grainy background, arrrrgh. so. not ideal, but i'm totally Tim Gunn-ing it up in here.

now that i've stated all the disclaimers, the real fun can begin. 

bubble hoodie rain jacket: urban outfitters (circa 2005?); jeans: G-star; boots that you can't see: Blowfish.

the difference with the 50mm lens is palpable.  here are some incidental "candids" using the 50mm and ambient light only:  

and that's why i love that lens.
now if i can just find some time to put up my halloween/fall decorations. time is swiftly running out.  away we go!


ashleyville, nc.


the weekend before last, i headed up to asheville, nc with the lovely Lori and Faith to see our bestie, Ashley, because she is PREGGERS AND HAS A BABY IN HER BELLY OMG!!!!!!!!!
look, it's bigger than my giant man-hand.
the fabulous Lori (lookin' cute in the doorway above) did all of our hairs and we went out on the town for deliciousness and merriment.

waiting for a table outside by the drum circle . . because it IS asheville, after all.
(it looks like i have bangs but i totally don't! it's fringe! Lori made me edgy!)

STILL waiting for a table at the bar next door to the restaurant. making the most of our time.

saturday was a complete whirlwind. so much so that i completely forgot to bring my camera to the baby shower. of course. it was half-way up a mountain and there was no going back for it. i stomped my feet and pulled my pigtails about it, but there was nothing to be done. so i'll just have to tell you that it was fabulous and pretty and i think she really liked it. there was lots of hot pink, if you will imagine.  Faith did an amazing job planning, designing, and sending us PowerPoint presentations of the menu (frealz). the 3 of us together were a crack team.

that night we met up at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, which was extremely awesome. our friend Eric was staying there and i totally want to go back and spend the night. so many interesting photo ops.

Faith wanted some photography tips, so i let her have a go with my camera. not too shabby.

crazy horse head, amirite?

sunday morning, Chad and Ashley came over and i tortured them into letting me take their picture. they hated every second of it and are probably still cursing my name. but still, i got this:

and it was rather fall-y outside. though Ashley is all "no it's not, i'm wearing flip-flops and shorts still," and i'm all "well i'm wearing closed-toe shoes and jeans".

then came the sucky part, which was saying goodbye. i always hate that part.

this photo is kind of hilarious because Ashley and i look the shortest, which is totally Oppositeville, but we were on a MOUNTAIN and it sloped. you just can't see it.  thanks for taking the pics of us, Chad ♥

we had an excellent too-short time and i can't wait to do it again and see that little baby Dylan's face because she is going to love her Untee Raena best (sorry Faith and Lori!). then i will play with her and give her presents and win her favor and then when there is a poopie diaper, i will be all like "oh i have to go now, here is your baby back. kbye."

love ya.  mean it.