west coast weekend.


last weekend i hopped on a plane and mere hours later i found myself on the opposite coast, reuniting with one of my favorite people on Earth, Brittany!!!  we calculated that we hadn't seen each other in 8 years, which is completely ridiculous, but all is well as we have now rectified the situation and have a plan moving forward. which is for Brittany and her awesome husband Wade to use derisive tactics to lure me to the west coast at every opportunity and tell me all the wonderful and amazing adventures we would/could have if only i were a full-time resident of southern california. and for me to eventually give in. it's simple, really.

friday morning i awoke to Britt and Wade's awesome loft and the view of the LBC. i met cats. and we got ready to head out.

we headed first to Mozza for the best danged pizza i may have ever tasted. i had the squash blossoms, tomato and burrata pizza and it was pretty much amazing.

then we headed to the Beauty Culture photography exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography and it was completely fabulous and interesting and we all left feeling like better people for it.  

next up we went to The Bazaar in Beverly Hills for cocktails and it was easily the coolest place i may have ever been for anything. this place is incredible. they are all about "molecular gastronomy" and have a "process" for everything they make. Britt and I had "magic mojitos" that are made using a huge pile of house-made cotton candy. 

saturday i walked all around Manhattan Beach while Brittany did some hair and i had the best day. i bought lots of things and ate food and walked everywhere. it was lovely.

that night we went to a birthday dinner in Orange County then to Javier's for drinks and cougar-watching (though sadly they were not out in force), then to the Prospector (where Wade works) for more merriment and band-watching. we saw the awesome Cowboy and Indian perform, rounding out the evening nicely.

sunday we had excellent brunch at The Coffee Cup CafĂ© (baja burrito with veggie chorizo?! yessss!), got some Yogurtland, then met up with another long-lost lovely, Keri ♥ for some shopping on Retro Row in LBC.  we had super-fun times trying on stupid/awesome clothing and accessories and walked around until it was dark outside.

sadly, i had time for just one more amazing meal with Brittany and Wade (it's so nice to be hosted by foodies), then headed to the airport for the red-eye back to FL.  i forgot how much i loved SoCal and had such an amazing time with these fwends that i will most certainly be returning soon.  now for a no-travel weekend in FL to gear up for my very favorite holiday, thanksgiving!!  longest post ever!!


my fall lookbook '11: the perfect outfit in which to meet ryan gosling.


all the heterosexual dudes: GROOOOAAAAAAAAAAN. 
everybody else: EEEEEEEE RYAN GOSLING!!!! 

yeah. i AM daydreaming about wearing this outfit walking through Disney Land and meeting up with my beau, Ryan Gosling, who has been waiting for me on a bench and greets me with a smooch and hooks his arm around my neck as we walk off toward Space Mountain together, giggling and sharing inside jokes and evading the paparazzi. so what? 

 faux leather hoodie, striped v-neck sweater, and jeggings: all from Target! wedges: Blowfish.

i'm heading to LAX tonight to see one of my best girls, Brittany! so you know . . this weekend is my chance to wear this outfit and make it all happen. i dream big. 



catching up, sappy-style.


i'm totally having one of those "OMG I LOVE MY FAMILY AND MY FRIENDS AND MY WHOLE LIFE" kind of times. and NO, i have not been drinking. it just kind of smacks me across the face sometimes.

my only real sadness at the moment is the fact that i don't get to spend as much time with the wonderful people in my life as i would like.  everyone is so spread out.  so when i do get time with them, i'm all grateful and whatnot.

NYC the weekend before last was excellent.  firstly, i strolled around brooklyn with Gavin. then we stuffed our faces with some deliciousness from the V Spot and got snacks at Snice and watched a weird documentary about Dr. Bronner (like the soap). 

and i got to spend time with my main bitch, iris.  
who brought back friendship bracelets from her trip to Belize for her bestest friends 
(like josh here - who is a TRUE 6'2" *ahem*). this means we are all 
and we found some great masks at Ugly Luggage. creep factor of 4.

THEENNNN, last weekend, i got to go to a super-fun halloween party (where i
didn't take many photos because i felt kind of off from getting carsick on the
way there, so this will have to suffice).
and on sunday, i attended a bbq where 5 year-olds played chess . .  

and kelly asked Siri on my phone dirty things and we laughed like 15 year-olds . .  

and it was generally a really awesome fun time with fwends that i greatly enjoyed.

see what i mean? good times. love you, fwends.