2011 photographic year in review.


2011 has certainly been quite the year. it is ending much differently than it began and i have faced quite a few major changes. some good, some bad, but i'm not trying to keep score there. i have also met some of the most wonderful new friends this year and have reconnected with old friends (and family!) as well. i am over-the-moon grateful for that.

there was quite a bit of photo-taking in 2011, although may was an entirely lean month photographically speaking . . all i have to show for it is a few iPhone photos. (well, truth be told, there were several hundred photos taken that month, but that's for another project that i am not quite ready to reveal yet, so you'll just have to wait.  oooh suspense!! and that's how you keep 'em coming back for more.)

ok ok ok, so, without further ado, i present to you my 2011 photographic year in review! 


thank you, friends and family. happy new year to all!


my nephew is my fave.


last friday my parents and brudder trucked it down south to my house for a sleepover, picking up my nephew along the way. he is totally my fave.

i've been dreaming of having him over since i moved into this house . . i could just picture him running around and playing in the pool.  well, dreams do come true.  the weather was amazing, so we had the house all opened up and he could run from the back yard into the house at leisure. he went in the pool several times and stayed in until he got too cold and then was snuggled in towels and blankets to get warmed up and was generally the most awesome kid of all time ever.

it's funny, i've always considered myself a baby fan. i have said over and over how i lose interest in kids after the age of about 4.  i like them from that whole 3 month to 3 years period and then i'm like "eh, you're too much of a person now who has opinions and sasses me, fuhgetaboutit. where's your baby brother/sister that i can play with and make smile/laugh?" i wondered how this would affect my interaction with my own flesh and blood. and clearly, it's blown out of the water because my 5 1/2 year-old nephew is probably the best person i know right now. my brother says he's "the sweetest guy", which is totally right on. true, he will try to trick you into thinking that his "tummy is full, yeah really full" when presented with a plate of thanksgiving leftovers and then change his mind when he finds out there's a bowl of cereal with his name on it ("you have CEREAL? i LOOOOOOVE cereal!!!!"), but gastrointestinal deception aside, he is one spectacular specimen.  

his face in these photos tunnels right to the core and kills me every time.  aaahhh!!!

*clickies* his little foot sticking up in the last photo! those ears! hahaha!
 he was fully into using the pool skimmer in his world o' imagination.  sword and shield perhaps? whatever the case: awesome.

looooooove hiiiiiim.

highlight of the holiday weekend, for sure. glad i got my tree up before he came over too. just made it all the more festive. first time i've had a proper christmas tree in 4 years!! happies.