bonjour et au revoir.


wow. the entire month of february and nothing. my photographic year in review for 2012 is going to have a big fat hole in it for the month. it even had an extra day! i just can't seem to find the time lately. i haven't used my big girl camera in literal months. hmph.

recently i decided to take on like 3 more hobbies and i didn't actually have time to add any. i think if you do some complex mathematical calculations, you will conclude these factors equate to no-meaningful-free-time. which means i've been coerced into forced free-time by my exhausted body that can't find the strength to move off of the couch in an attempt to buffer my barely-managing immune system.

man. i just want to do everything.  my body likes to remind me that this is not possible due to the limitations of time, space, and the biological human condition.  i get it, body, i get it. you have my attention.  i'm listening.

all i have to show for the last 6-ish weeks are the following iPhone photos that feebly document things happening around me.

an illustration of low-function-lazy hair vs. hair-with-effort.

the pilates studio and an unwieldy rogue spit curl (over which i have no control).

circus party preparations for the lovely Kelly! who is actually not pictured here because i'm a moron, but who will be forever 32 no matter if she just turned 33. Tara and i are doing our best Kelly impressions with our Kelly hair in honor of our friend.

hmm. i look decidedly sullen in all of these.  i'm just tired. don't worry. it'll be ok. 

next week: PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where i can/will/must bring my camera and take meaningful photos. and will be smiling. 'twill be my first time across the pond.  very excited.  now off with you and enjoy your friday!