paris: behind the scenes.


i have been struggling to find the motivation to go through the almost 1,000 photos from the paris trip.  it's just too much.  the task is daunting and i have walked away from it repeatedly. so i'm just going to have to do this in stages.

firstly i shall address the behind the scenes photos from the photo shoots Terribly Girly did with some very lovely ladies (which was the underlying purpose of the trip in the first place). i arrived there around 8 in the morning on my first day (the other girls had been there a few more days, already doing some shooting) . . took about 3 hours to actually get to the flat where we were staying, then we hit the ground running.  we went to an old cabaret theater called Madame Arthur's and went to town.  it was FREEEZING cold inside this place and Vanessa and Desiree were troopers for enduring the cold in their winter-unfriendly wardrobe.

that night the rest of the crew was treated to a Burlesque show in which our hostess (of sorts), Belle (see below!), performed.  sadly, i did not attend as i had been awake for something like 30 hours and was dead on my feet.  REALLY wish i could've gone as it was probably the one really awesome night out.

the next day, we did shoots with two more beauties, the sultry Louiza Ventura and blonde bombshell Vanda Lou, at our apartment, which lent itself nicely to the look we wanted.  and these ladies killed it.

we all ended up with great big crushes on Louiza.  because how could you not?

our last day in paris, we fit in one more shoot with the fabulous Belle who wanted to turn out her Marquis look.  Marilyn did an AMAAAAAZZZING job on hair and makeup and brought the look to life.  i admire Belle's fearless nature . . she was done up like Marie Antoinette and we all walked from her apartment down to a park without displaying a shred of self-consciousness.  the looks on the faces of the people we passed were priceless.

isn't she just awesome?

one of my favorite parts of being involved with this Terribly Girly venture was watching Janette show the girls the pictures on her camera during the shoots.  their faces lit up to see how she captured them.  and it was damn cute every time.

so great to be involved with such wonderful people.  doesn't hurt that they're all so dang purrrty.

next up: adventures around town. that is, if i can get thru the rest of these photos. xoxoxo


sourgrapes13 said...

Love these pics Ray Ray! What an amazing adventure! Love you!