of a sunday afternoon.


::tap tap tap::

is this thing on?

i unintentionally abandoned this here blog, i suppose due to lack of motivation/inspiration, or otherwise occupied-ness (and general sense of guilt a la not picking up my camera for months on end) . but yesterday was a relaxed sunday, and i found myself with the magical trifecta of motivation, inspiration AND time. 

i recently upgraded my 50mm lens with the f/1.4 version and hadn't even opened the box yet. as i glanced around my clean kitchen, i noticed it sitting on the counter, begging me to break it open and smell it's divinely fresh, new metal/plastic/glass scent. so i grabbed it.

my beautiful feather headdress was also begging to be worn. so i grabbed it.

i quickly found an outfit that seemed appropriate and went outside. a brief rain shower was passing and i had to keep wiping down the lens to get rid of the condensation. this is where i'm a moron . . i should've let the lens sit and get used to the humidity, but i was all gung-ho and just went for it. thus, some of the shots have a dreamy/diffused feel about them that is undesirable and not as sharp as i wanted.  lesson learned. however, when this wasn't a factor, the shots are pretty damn fantastic. i'm super happy with this lens. this was all with ambient light under the cover of my back porch. not even a reflector. pretty swell. (*clickies* for full size)

 shirt: Target; shorts: Urban Outfitters (my FAVORITE for this summer)

and there it is.