double threes.


The Day of High Voltage

i was born on the Day of High Voltage (according to The Secret Language of Birthdays). upon learning this, i thought it sounded a) pretty badass; and b) appropriate. evidence: i once was walking down the street along the river on Flagler Drive (west palm reprezent) around dusk when i felt a prickly sensation, causing me to stop and turn where i stood. at that exact moment, all the lights on the street went on like BAM! and i was all "i did that."  in the winter, i am shocked by everything, even water running from the faucet. oh and when i was 12, my house was struck by lightning.

if i was a superhero, my name would be High Voltage and my powers would include electrifying all the bad guys.  you can see where i'm going with this?

today is this day, and today i am double threes.  i have read more than a few accounts of smart people/celebrities that quantify their thirty-third year as their best. so BIG expectations there. it's already starting out pretty great, aside from running late for work and a slight mishap at the gas pump (i.e., not being able to actually get gas). my mom already called!  it's always a contest between her and my brother to see who will call me first. i think they're running neck and neck over the past 10 years or so.  

i still get very excited for my birthday every single year like i'm 5 years old.  i was laying in bed thinking about my birthday last night and it kept me up!  what the heck? i was visited by the Ghost of Birthdays Past and these gems were bestowed upon me from a birthday exactly 20 years ago:

for comparison sake, from last night, whilst enjoying a pre-birthday celebration with my main homegirl, Jesse:

as you can see, not much has changed.  HAPPEE BURFDAY TO ME!!